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checkout_success coupon amount deduction


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please note i have an older version of ccgv installed on my store.


also i am refering to coupon code and not a gift voucher.



I have a need to modify a successful check out to see if a coupon code was used for the purchase. I then need to take the total order amount from the order and subract this from the coupon amount.


if the coupon code is less then the coupon amount, then I will leave the amount left for that coupon available in the db.



for example: order is $500.00 , and coupon is for $1000.00


$1000.00 - $500.00 , then coupon value becomes $500.00.


if anyone knows if these variables are available on checkout_success It would be very helpful to let me know them. also if they are not available on the the success page, then how would i pass them?


thanks so much for help.

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