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[URGENT]UPS -International shipping-calling all Canadians


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Ok, starting to get REALLY fustrated!

config the ups module to say that the shipping code is CA (canda) and put in my postal code(no spaces, if u leave a space u get errors) configured my store options to canada and the correct zone


ALWAYS get this error: Error: Unsupported country specified


delivery is to canada from canada!!!


tried each shipping method and always get the same error...

internation shippingis the same...

now i searched everywhere...for answers to this but all i see is that the mod ONLY works for/from US & Canada...with the new checkout procedure they will implement the XML interface...


well, quite honesty, I do NOT accept this answer!!

there has to be a workaround or something....can SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME??? I am willing to pay for any help at this point!


this is great software..but to try and get it going the way you want to(esp if you live in a different country) is like pulling teeth!!

thanks in advance to anyone that helps!

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I never got it to work either. The only thing I could find was that UPS changed their online tools and that if you were still using the CGI interface that one needed to upgrade their code.


That being said, the message I found that talked about it were back in 2001 (?) so I figured something in osCommerce would have been fixed by someone. Not sure.


I was looking around on http://www.ups.ca for answers.

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hey thanks Wayne for the response...

so what do we do? would the fedex module work for us?

i am getting desperate...need to have some sort of shipping mod that works, for us canadians to ship both here in north america and internationally...


u would think that the osc community would have resovled this problem by now ?? :shock: :shock: :shock:


any help or if u come across anything PLEASE let me know

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one thing i should point out is that i tried what someone else suggested way back when, and changed my store address from canada to us and all worked ok...i then changed the store address back and selected each possible delvery option and STILL received the same error from above...

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Have you looked at the Canada Post module? I installed it and it seems to work. It queries a Canada Post server and spits back several different shipping options for your customer.


I, like yourself, was needing something that would query a shipping server and give me a cost based on location, destination and weight.


I called Canada Post the other day to setup a Business account and the paperwork should be in my hands tomorrow.


If I can get the UPS module to work I would probably still use it as an option, however, if the Canada Post one does the job and is competitive with other shippers...why not? Take a look at it and see what you think. There is just a line of code you will need to change in order to get the radio boxes to show up. I have seen a couple of posts on the boards documenting it. Let me know.





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XML errors on other kinds of shipping?


That's what I'm getting, and have been trying to resolve, with the CandaPost mod.


Does anyone know if this is server specific?

I'm running on a unix server myself.


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I have not tested it (will be this week), however, it should. Canada Post says they will ship stuff international and the script is basically just querying their server based on origin and destination.


I will keep you posted if you like on how I make out.


I am hoping to go live November 1st.





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Wayne please keep me in the loop plan on going live next week.

i went to this site...



checked out his canada mod and it worked to an European address!!


osfdeath, i tried the ups tracking mod with xml on my site and do get an error:


could not open XML input file


i am contact with the developer as we speak and he thinks he may have resolved this issue...


it kinda sux that the UPS mod does not work with international orders ...

:cry: :cry:

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man it makes you wonder if ups wants our business when they can't be there to work with theirs customers(us too? not just the buyer)? :)


Becuase with the seller they get both .

it sure looks like its made to only work from the US :(



I recently made the same discovery and can't believe UPS would be so blind to not support Canadian customers that want to ship with them.

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