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Lots of editing :) Without know what you want the rest of the pages to look like it is hard to say exactly. If you just want the homepage to look like that it is not very difficult, just would take some PHP/HTML knowledge to reconfigure the layout of the page, colors, and background. Obviously the more changes you make to the stock look of osCommerce the longer it is going to take and the possibility that you are going to need to add additional contributions. If you are looking for a 10 minute solution to get that look and feel then you are going to be in for a little surprise :)

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thanks vasttech for reply..no im not conserned about the time aspect..i just want to get it to look like that,,the other pages arent that complicated i think since for example,,they would have the same top "bar" same nav bar,,and background,,,on the pic i have the background as grey,,,but the middle of the site would be pale grey,,,but the thing is just that i dont know where exactly to make theese changes....if you think you can give me more in depth answers to what to change where i can show you how i want the rest of the pages to look like as well...

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