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Help - Admin works but my online catalog shows blank page


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Hi everyone. This regards the 'Admin works but my online catalog shows blank page' issue.


All was installed and fine. Today I was doing an update and instead of uploading selected files I uploaded my entire local osCommerce Catalog folder. I saw no harm in this as all previous edits on my local working copy should be identical to what's been previously uploaded.

When I went to view the online catalog, got the blank page.


Unfortunately I still had the 'Install' folder inside my local one.

All of the files are on the server, I can't figure out what's happened, though I did catch my mistake of re-uploading the 'install' folder and have deleted that. I also ran up my latest backup and still get the blank page.


Does anyone know why a re-upload of the local catalog(including the 'install' folder by oversight) causes index.php to fail to show it's html page? I sure won't do it again but I need to know what this screws up. What I uploaded is my local work copy so I assumed it should not change any code.


Note: STS v4.4 is installed, and in Admin is still default to use my custom template, which had all worked fine.

I can't find a problem which is causing the index.php to fail to show anything. Nothing in my Admin has changed -- but index.php doesn't invoke it's html page now



Things I've tried---

-I deleted the re-upload of 'install', and checked the files for correct CHMOD settings, and they are as they should be.


- includes/configure.php is on the server. I don't think I'm supposed to delete it. I renamed it 'OLD' but that didn't fix it so I've renamed it back to configure.php


-checked my database table on the server and nothing seems to have changed there either.


Anybody solved this issue? I figure people have done the same -- once! (I'll sure know better next time...)

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I don't know if this is going to help, but did you check your config.php file in the includes directory? Maybe you have to add the root in the code. There is a good post about the config.php file: http://www.oscommerce.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=193738.


Maybe that will fix your problem.



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Turned out everything was unchanged. CHMOD permissions, and the root directory.


I went ahead and uninstalled/reinstalled osCommerce. I'd saved my sts-template and the images for it, so it wasn't much time to replace it in the clean install, once I'd re-installed STS, and fixed the 'refresh bug'.


Never did figure out how uploading the catalog folder broke it, but you can bet I won't make that mistake again!


Thanks for the help. I have the store back up.

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