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Replicating the Manufacturer DB and PHP Pages


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This is what I am looking to do...


I want to create a field for each product that has a couple of variables that relate to shipping stock




Same day

in 24 Hours

in 3 days

in 5 days

Out of Stock

Back Ordered


It is my belief that the manufacturer function will do this effectivly however I use my manufacturer for manufacturers. So what I am thinking would be perfect would be to;


Copy the Manufacturer DB table and rename it to shipping_stock.

Then to copy the manufacturer PHP pages and rename them to shipping_stock.

Modify the PHP pages to change "Manufacturer" to "Ships In:"

Also add a column in the product_info so that is displays both the Manufacturer and the new Ships In column



This is the best solution that I can come up with and my experience with PHP & MySQL is pretty limited. I can usually figure things out if given enough time but what I am wondering is how is the best way to do this..


I can probably modify all my PHP pretty easily without any help but how do I go about entering the new fields into the DB


OBTW I do NOT use MyPHPadmin. for security reason our DB server is isolated from the Internet and I have to do all my modifications right on the server with the MySQL tools provided.


Any help on this subject would be awesome and I know that if any body in the world can help me they would be HERE in these forums!!




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You could also use the stock to do that


$prod_quantity = tep_get_products_stock($reviews_array[$i]['products_id']);

switch ($prod_quantity) {

case 0:

echo ' <a href="shipping.php">'. tep_image_button('rd.gif').'</a> ';



echo ' <a href="shipping.php">'. tep_image_button('gr.gif').'</a> ';



i use that to show a image on my reviews page but you could set the


case 0 part to someting like


case 0: echo 'Out of Stock ';


case 1000: echo ' in 5 days';


case 2000: echo 'in 3 days ';


case 2000: echo 'in 24 Hours';



echo 'Same day'


its a cheap way to do it but it works so if you set a products stock that you can deliver in 5 days to 1000 it will echo the text in 5 days important for doing this is to switch of the Subtract stock in admin

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That look great!!!


This might sound silly but which PHP page is it I need to Modify with this code in order to get his to werk.. product_info??


I like the way it shows up on your site all though I cant read german :lol:

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I must be pretty thick, :oops:


I am having trouble figuring out where to input this code..


the code is self is pretty explainatory but where do I stick it??

{hahah no funny comments :lol: }




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I got it..


See enough time and EVEN I can figure it out!!






BTW the code you posted must be from an earlier snapshot cuz it would not werk for me but by using your example I was able to figure out wich variables and format to use!! :lol: Werks Great!!

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