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Standards for contributions


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I think it's time that we started looking into developing a set of standards for contributions. Here are some aspects I think are important. Keep in mind that this also effects development of the OSC core as well.


1. We need to seperate hacks vs modules. Modules should plug in seemlessly with an existing installation. Hacks obviously require some code work.


2. Modules should be managed through a standard install within the admin of OSC.


3. There needs to be a push to get those who offer contributions to offer them in a module format.


4. OSC needs to be developed over time to be more module friendly. Database standards and syntax standards need to be developed so that modules require no or minimal upgrades when upgrades of the OSC core are released.


5. We need seperate forum sections for completed modules vs. those in development/beta/alpha/etc. Then we need to have a discussion in the forums for simply talking about modules and hacks. It is currently too messy having all of this combined into one. I know we have the contribution section that is completely seperate from the forums, but the forums would be a better place to include this info IMO.


6. We need to develop a core beta testing team. This should assist the devs by comparing various issues as they may occur on different platforms and configurations. I would also think this would speed up development in many ways.


7. OSC would benefit from a module manager that allows connecting to a module repository within the admin.


I know some of this may already be done, but I am just sort of shooting from the hip on this. Please add anything you think I have missed or inacurately listed. :)



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