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The e-commerce.

2.1 Documentation? Is there any at all?


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Hi All,


First off, thanks for the great software. I've played around with osCommerce and it seems to be able to fit the bill with my client. So I'm all ready to integrate it into my current site.


My problem - - -


After searching this board for an hour, everyone seems to reccomend using 2.2 which is not a stable release. Also, no one seems to know where any documentation for 2.1 is located. People just say, use 2.2 - it's got an install script.


Great. But that version is in development - and personally, that scares the crap out of me. I can't possible reccomend to my client that he use a development release that hasn't been fully tested and is changing on a daily basis.


So - - - can someone refer me to 2.1 install documentation? I have absolutey no clue on how to configure this bad boy. I commend the effort, but the lack of documentation is incredibly frustrating.


Also, I have been to oscdox.com and I haven't found anything there except, use the development release.

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First it it good software.


It's open source, and that means a few things...

a.) it is in a constant state of development. even after it is officially released as a stable version it will continue to be developed. The core system is stable. It is when you start adding the mods that problems arise in most situations. and this is more due to envroment than anything else.

b.) there are over 1700 registered users here. So that means there are at least that many active testers that are participating in the development. If you have a problem, post it here and chances are very good you will have a solution in hours. over 70000 articles posted here...what more could you want for documentation and support? and it is free.

try that with closed source.

c.) look at the fine print on any piece of software and will find wording to the effect "use at your own risk." Always hidden behind the hype that tries to convince you to pay mega bucks for a

non gaurentee. Open Source is very clear about that.

d.) The IT industry was born from the womb of open source. All sustanance still comes from the open source community. Without open source there would be no internet, and thats what it's all about ,eh?


I'll step down from the soapbox now...

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Thank you for your take on open source. I use it everyday. I'm running Mandrake 9.0 as my development computer, I'm using Mozilla 1.1. to enter this, and I use OpenOffice. But what I'm looking for is documentation for 2.1. That's it. I just need to know how to install it, otherwise, all those hours spent on development are wasted. I've scoured the boards for info and it seems that other people seem to be having the same problem. A simple readme.txt would be fine.

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I don't think you will find too much anywhere on 2.1

It really isn't supported any more.


But I know what you are saying....I installed it and when I went looking for some help I was told the same thing, and then to dump 2.1 and get 2.2


The install is easy and it is stable.


BTW Slackware rulz! :)

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First of all to install the OS commerece, its all in the INSTALL file, the FAQ and you can even use the automated script todo so which is located ../catalog/install/install.php .



If you want documentation, i'd more than happy to write it if someonce cares to give me a copy of adobe acrobat creater so it can be in PDF format.


Former Techicnical Document Writer

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I agree with you, I am using V2.1 also. Using a version in development scares me too. I have a queston posted also about the sales tax, every order has 16% added to it.

Maybe someone out there will send us a reply and not a speech on why we should use the newest and greatest.

email ahs111590@aol.com

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