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Two Questions... need help!


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I need a bit of assistance. :(


First, in the customer account page:

If I were to choose any country other than US, it still requires a state to be entered, but there is no choice available in the drop down menu. It just says "type below". I can't seem to make it go away by setting the minimum state value to 0 either. Any ideas?


Second, in regards to shipping:

I need to make the shipping prices based on total price, NOT on weight. However, I have two different rates; one for the US, one for International. How can I make it so the zones actually figure on price instead of weight? I have the US table shipping rate set up fine and well, but when I try to enter zones, everything switches over to weight.


Failing that, is there any way to make a $7 handling charge apply to International customers only? :?

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It asks you to type in the state name - rather than supply a drop menu - as you do not have a list of zones available for the country being selected. So, either add the appropriate zones (there are loads of contributions with zone names), leave it as it is or switch off the field altogether in application_top:



// Control what fields of the customer table are used

define('ACCOUNT_GENDER', 'true');

define('ACCOUNT_DOB', 'true');

define('ACCOUNT_COMPANY', 'false');

define('ACCOUNT_SUBURB', 'true');

define('ACCOUNT_STATE', 'false');


As for Shipping, there are some contribution that work on price rather than weight. You will need to search through here:



here is one for example:





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Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately, making the State = false in the application_top.php removes the state line from the resistration process altogether. It does need to be there since most of the client base is in fact in the US, and appropriate state taxes do need to be applied.


The contributions site looks promising, thank you for that link. If anyone has any other ideas, I'd love to see them. :)

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FWIW, I got the "state required" error by changing the minimum characters from 0 to leaving it blank in the administration tool.


I don't think any of the contributions on the Oscommerce site are what I'm looking for--the closest thing adds a price per item for shipping, what I need is the ability to use two tables based on price, not weight: one for domestic shipping and one for International.


Thanks all. =)

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