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Installing Contribution Package Question...


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Hi again,

I'm just wondering, If I download say 2 contribution pakages, then I install one of them and works perfectly. Now the question is, if the second one need to replace the file that was installed together with the 1st pakage ie:login.php, would this cause any problems? Or is the correct installation is to merge the two codes together? I don't know if this is a silly question, but it is quite confusion. Thanks ppl... :shock:

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If you use a modification that uses page.php in once instance, and then turn around and you use another modification that uses's the same page.php, both mods should work . .. .


Unless its the exact chunk of code that you edit in both mods that's needed to be changed, then you will have issues.


Most likely, the same chunk of code wont be used in different mods, otherwise it would be a simuliar mod.


This is why you should always comment your code when you add new mods to OSC.




<!-- This Adds the Function to do something cool //-->

<?php require(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'header.php'); ?>

<!-- End modification //-->

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It just depends on what the mod does.....


All you would have to do is look at what each mod changes in login.php...


See what mods that file is going under, and then compare....


It's always good to backup your files before you make any changes tho, just incase something really does mess things up!

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