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question about product database


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I am hoping to use OSc to run a DVD/Games type store and was wondering how easy or difficult it would be to add more attributes to the actual product database.


For example I would like to add things like format, region, no of players, age category etc.


I assume i would have to add fields onto the product table & product_description?


Is there an easier way to do this, if not do you have any idea of many pages would need to be changed?



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You can approach this problem in several ways.

The attributes are not really an option because the are supposed to be a SELECTION and you do not 'select' a 4:3 ratio with Dolby 2.

Another big problem is you cannot search the attributes. If you want to be able to search for all movies by Keanu Reeves for instance, you can't.


Simple way:

Add the items to the product_description. Add hidden HTML comments to accomodate the search, ie <!-- actors: keanu reeves, sandra bullock -->


Hard (but good) way:

Do it with proper mysql tables/queries

Give every product a product_type (dvd, games, etc)

Give every product_type a product_type_characteristics table that contains

things like actors, platform, soundquality, aspect ratio's etc.



I know the hard way is complicated but it is well worth it since you can do cross reference type of stuff like 'show all dvd's with Keanu Reeves in widescreen' or show 'All games with Mario for Nintendo Gameboy'




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yeah it's gotta be the hard way I think (dosent it always lol) but i can see what your saying and it would be nice for everything to be linked in and searchable.


many many thanks for the pointers and i'll start hacking away at it.


thanks :-)

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