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New Products table editing


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Hi all,

wanted to know if anyone can help me out..the New Products for MONTH table is pushing my left & right colum out, like 50 pixels out.


I followed the OSCDOX manual that mentions on how to edit the overall display from 100% to 750 pixels...did that successfully, but its the image size of my products that has pushed this table out.


basically what I am trying to get at is, is there a way that can shrink the table of New Products to say 80% and keep it centered?


I tired searching for "new" and "products" and new products but all to no result...

on a side note, and I am not trying to disrespect anyone here but is anyone else finding that this search engine is NOT the greatest of tools?

god forbid if you are trying to search for more than 2 words... :roll:


thanks in advance!

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hey thanks for the reply Tim...

ya I thought about that too...guess I can always change the Body back to 100% as well. But I was wondering if it was possible to actually edit the Newe Products table...what kinda sux about this table is that you cannot actually specify how many products you wish to specify in ROW...IE, you have 4 new products, it will display 3 products in one row and places the 4th product in second new row.

Design wise it does not look to good.


any other thoughts?

I know its all about getting your figures dirty in the php code, but a little nudge in the right direction would be nice :wink:

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I know you can do this. I've seen it on the board before.

Maybe search for clumns or format or something like that???


If I had more time today I'd attempt to find it for you. Going to need it myself soon for this site



http://www.altering-images.com/catalog/def...ult.php?cPath=1 :D


good luck!

"Semper Fi"

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hey Tim, figured out how I can change the colum width...

I installed the Fetaure Mod, but it will still work if you jsut open the new_products.php page in /includes/modules/new_products.php


find this line:



$col ++;

if ($col > 2) {

$col = 0;

$row ++;


change the 2 into a 1 and problem fixed!

let em know if this helped ya...not really the desired fix we were looking for but it is a workaround

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