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The e-commerce.

paid version of OSC


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I've been waiting for the 3.0 release for a long time now. my guess is it won't be ready for this year. The development cycle is very very long, IMHO it is very hard to compete with other products.


What I am thinking is can you charge money on OSC? Like what cubecart does:


If you want to use free copy, OSC has copyright, and license info on each page it generated, like it does today.

If you wish to pay, (e.g. $50, $100 license fee), OSC copyright will be removed from the generated pages.


I believer most people here use OSC to make money, I don't think $50 or $100 is a problem for the customer who are doing an online business and this amount is the expense.


All I am saying, is to give the developers some incentive, so we can have a better product and short development cycle.



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You can donate or apply to become a community sponsor, but it isn't easy. Harald handles all of that personally, and he's a pretty busy guy. I've applied a couple of times, finally got an email from Harald telling me to reply if I still want to be a sponsor, then nothing. It worth trying, though, especially if you want to support the project.

Please use the forums for support! I am happy to help you here, but I am unable to offer free technical support over instant messenger or e-mail.

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