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The e-commerce.

displaying Best seller box


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Hi everybody,

I have done some searches on this topic but cant seem to find anything relavant, so i hope someone can help.


I am trying to get the best sellers box to display on a page outside of the oscommerce site. Currently the oscommerce site is in the following directory mysite/shop/.


What i would like to be able to do is display the best sellers box on another page like this mysite/index. I am hoping to be able to position it in a coloum on the page and possibly other pages in the same directory like mysite/link.html etc.


No i am not very good with PHP but i can understand the concept of 'include' and 'require' and have successfully done so on a basic level like the following pice of code




my problem is that i cannot link the following file

include(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'best_sellers.php');

I did read on another post that i need to include the application_top.php file which i tried but it just came up with errors.


Hope someone can help


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