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The e-commerce.

need to hide some images


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:?: Hello All,

On my site I got some special product. I don't want those products to show on the main screen. Is it possible to make those product to be wisible only if someone click on that category? For example:

this is my page


and the category name is : :oops: Provocative

So I don't want this Provocative products to show on the main screen.


Please help




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First of all you should seriously consider sizing down your images, your site is terribly slow (I'm on adsl here)


To prevent the 'provocatives' from showing you could add another field to table products;

'xrated' (default = 0)

For any xrated product you set xrated to 1

Then in your sql query you add 'and xrated = 0;


Or you could do a subquery to see if the category it is coming from is 'provocative'. I'd prefer the first method because it allows you to make more provocative categories in the future...


Hooray, more chocolate genitals ;)




"Politics is the art of preventing people from taking part in affairs which properly concern them"

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