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Retail and Dealer prices within osc?


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I have been searching and trying different contributions to help me, but have found nothing that is what I am looking for. I am working for/on an existing web site running osc that had Retail and Dealer pricing setup by groups. When you added or edited an existing product you could change the Retail, or Dealer price and depending on what the customer group the customer was in they would see that price.


My problem is I accidentally overwrote half of the store with a backup that was actually the original installation, so I am going through and adding all of the contributions and modifications that were there previous to my error.


So what I am trying to find out is if there is a ready made contribution for handling the price structure like I'm describing. I have tried SPPC, but it does it all via product attributes, which not only does not make sense but is real cumbersome. I cannot get ahold of the original site dev to find out what they had done.


We have customer groups setup > Retail and Dealer. Each group needs to see a separate price. I have the prices already entered in the database, and parts of the original contribution still work (i.e, you can still see dealer prices in the shopping cart if you are logged in as a dealer, but you see the Retail price throughout the store.)


Any suggestions?


Lesson learned: even if someone says there is a backup of something, make one yourself so your sure it's the right one. :)

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Edit: SPPC is indeed what they were using and what I needed to use. I will leave my original post in case it helps someone.


If you are trying to setup separate price groups for customers, based on price and not percentage the SPPC contribution works just fine ... I was confused by it at first because it was conflicting with another, less well written contribution I had added for modifying my stock levels.

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