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The e-commerce.

would anyone like to help me set up a site?


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I would like to set up a relatively simple osCommerce site - I have a site working at the moment :




I wrote this myself in dreamweaver and it is ok (I suppose) but I need to start adding many more products and have a more consistent feel across the site - hence osCommerce.


There are sites out there which would sell me a template but I have to admit to being sceptical about there - I would much prefer to deal with an individual who could help me out (relatively cheaply!) and I would be able to learn while doing it.


Any offers?

Duncan Hutchinson

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Are you needing help with design and layout, or the functions? or Both?


If you are working to build a new store which is what I am also in the process of doing I recommend install the newest version of OsC, i renamed my catalog to store so that my current webstore can operate on the catalog directory.


What i recommend is figure out and write down everything you want to see in your store as far as functions.

Such as:



Search engine optimization





Basically everything you wanted in your first store that it didnt have make that list and search throught the contributions section of the site to find what addon's you want in your store. On my PC i have two folders which I named "not installed contribs" and Installed Contribs" I download all the contributions i want intergrated into my "not installed" and as I install them one by one I move the Zip file to my "installed Contribs" folder, this way I can keep track of what I have integrated and if it fails to work i have the install instructions for later down the road to remove it or update the contribution as necessary. Once you have decided what you want in your store, and have designed the layout how you want thats when you should start adding product line. I keep a few test catagory's and products so i can test the site's checkout functions and such as I add contributions to make sure that after each contribution the site is still functioning properly.


If you want some help i have some good resources that for a little expense you can learn a lot and do a lot of the work yourself. you can PM if you would like some more information or assistance.


this is my current store that I am working on my site

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