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I'm putting in a cart for a client who has a really loyal following. This following visits her site often, and is very particular.


One of the things that the client was concerned about is the "What's New" function of the website. She's concerned that if she isn't getting new items into the cart all the time that someone might see an item in the "What's New" section that might not exactly be new.


I have not been able to find anything in the What's New box code that sets a thresh hold for what is new and what isn't. Is there a way that I can set that thresh hold?


Thanks in advance for the assistance.

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"What's New" has no date setting to be altered, they are always the last products to be added to the site. The simplest thing is just to change the wording of "What's New" to something else in includes/languages/english.php and also change "What's New Here" in includes/languages/english/index.php



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I appreciate the input, Vger. Looks like I'll need to talk with the site owner to let her know that we'll have to go at it a different way. She thinks it'll be a problem, but managing her site like I have and seeing how often she brings in new product, I don't.


Thanks again.

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