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Delayed PayPal payment


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Hi all,

We have encountered a potential problem and I'm not exactly sure how to best resolve it.

I have our site set up so that when a customer checks out they can pay using PayPal.


My understanding of how this works is if they pay with a credit card, PayPal processes it and if the funds aren't there or if the card is rejected PayPal notifies them immediately and we never receive the payment or the finished order.

But, what about when they pay with another form? Like a bank?


The issue we have now is we have had several payments that show up on our PayPal login site that were completed, but the money isn't available to us until it clears the other bank or whatever form the customer used.


So my question is - if it is coming from a bank and we are waiting for the clearance to come through, what happens if the funds aren't there at the time the payment should apply? Is there a way to modify the email that is sent out to notify our shipping staff that they payment hasn't cleared yet and to wait until they receive notification to send the product?


Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

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You can choose in your PayPal account settings what kind of payment you accept - if you don't want to accept eCheques then you can disable them (eCheques usually take 7 - 10 days to clear and are a real pain).


Only other way is to change your business process & implement a vetting procedure which applies before orders are sent on for shipping - basically a human being who checks for payment / fraud / anything fishy and only sends on orders for shipping which are okay & paid.


all the best - Terra

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Thanks for the reply. That helps a bit and gives me some ideas.


I was just wondering if there was a way to automate this process instead of requiring someone to manually check each order in PayPal to verify that it had cleared before we ship the order out.


Thanks again.

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