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Installation Help - Newbie


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Howdy yall; :)


I?m a complete newbie when it comes to PHP/MySQL, but I needed a PHP/MySQL shopping cart solution.


As of now I have ?PHPMyAdmin? installed and I?m really still unsure how I managed to get that working right. For temp, the server is on my IP which is behind a Linksys router, which the web server and all ports are being forwarded too.


Server Specs:

Win2k Server

Apache 1.3.27

PHP V4.2.3 ? C:/PHP -

MySQL v4.0.4-b ? C:/mysql

ActivePerl v5.6.1 ? C:/perl


Dir Structure:

Document Root = D:/www/htdocs


catalog = D:/www/htdocs/catalog

admin = D:/www/htdocs/catalog/admin




Right now I?m at the point where I should create a catalog in MySQL, and then do something with ?mysql_catalog.sql? Well I have NO idea what to do. I have tried the following, and nothing is added, or created. I was thinking maybe I can do this thru PHPMyAdmin, but I could not figure it out. :cry:


mysqladmin create catalog

mysql catalog < ./mysql_catalog.sql


I have searched thru the forums, and tried to figure this out as much as I can, but I?m at the point where I?m just so frustrated that I can?t function to even figure what?s the matter.


If you need snippets of anything please let me know. . Everything is temp as far as usernames/passwords and IP. So I?m not really worried about sharing info with you all, Just as long as I can get OSCommerce to work on my server.


Thank you for your help, suggestions and advice!

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penfold = gawd! :D


Basically.... was using 2.1, he switched me to 2.2 and the install was such a breeze!


Had a few issues, but got it all worked out!!!


BIG Thanx goes to penfold!!!!


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New as well however the command displayed is correct, but you might need to utilize the user and password flags.



mysql -u root -p catalog < thesqlfile.sql


When mysql defaults install the default username needs to be used and a blank paswword

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Store has been working for a few days now :)


As you can see in my post right above yours, I said that penfold helped me get it working...



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