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SSL with Godaddy


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Hi, I can see from the posts that ssl setup isnt so straight forward.


Its been suggested that whilst the payments are secure on our site done via paypal or nochex, the fact that other details are not secure is lossing us business.


Okay so now I need SSL for the website.


I need a dedicated IP to setup the SSL, arraged that with my hoster today should be sorted by tomorrow.


Godaddy provide a basic setup of an SSL for £10 ish, however I am not sure if I am setting this up at all correctly (previous attempt highlighted that site didnt have a dedicated IP).


Can anyone provide me a set by setp guide on how to setup and what seetings I should configure etc.


I am using cpanel 10, with ssl manager, with osComerece shopping system.


Any help much appreciated, note that the godaddysite instructions didn't tie up exactly,but that could be because my IP address wasnt setup properly?


How do I ssl my loggin and registering of personal details?? do I really need this? Please help

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Hi Wayne,


I just went through the same problems your describing. The main problem was trying to configure and install my SSL certificate through the CPanel. I also have a GoDaddy certificate, and their installation instructions weren't that straightforward. After two tries without success, I had my webhost configure and install my certificate for $25. (If you need a good host, please let me know.) I didn't want to screw-up the third try, because GoDaddy only lets you have 2 re-keys. My webhost had my SSL up-and-running in less than an hour. :thumbsup:


As for your SSL for logging into your Admin, check out this thread: http://www.oscommerce.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=233458 The first post in the thread has the info you will need. ;)

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