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osCsid makes my prices zero


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I just installed a copy of osCommerce on my Plesk box (it actually came in the application vault with Plesk, version 2.2ms2-29), and something very odd is happening. I haven't changed a thing on it, other than a few of the admin settings, so the application still has all the default products and such. In testing it out, I noticed that when I first hit the application, everything looks fine on the homepage, but when I click on anything, all the prices for the products go to zero! In playing with it a bit, I discovered that if I remove the osCsid from the url, the prices come back. But of course, as soon as I click on anything, the osCsid gets added back to the url and the prices go back to zero!


Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this? It's very frustrating since this is a totally default installation and I literally haven't changed anything except a few things in the admin control panel.



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Update: I have 2 currencies set, USD and CAD. When I switch between them the prices show up, but then once I click anything, they disappear again.


For example: I'll be browsing the action DVDs, and all prices will be 0. I switch to CAD using the pulldown menu on the right side, and the prices show up fine in CAD. If I switch back to USD with the pulldown, the USD prices show up fine. But if I click into any other section, the prices go back to 0. And it happens if I leave it on USD or CAD, doesn't matter which one it's set on. USD is default, btw, if that matters.


Thanks in advance for any help.

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