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The e-commerce.

Maybe off topic a little??


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Can anyone help me?


I run a website using OS Commerce, however, my connection is slow (can't get ADSL or Broadband where I live!) so updating the site takes ages with just a dial account. I want to run OS Commerce on a virtual server, preferably on an XP box.


With a lot of help, it is working on a W98 box but OS Commerce crashes out after updating between 1 & 8 products. If I shutdown Apache and MYSql, I can get it running again and do another couple of updates, then I have to reboot the whole system.


The box is a Compaq P3-1Ghz, 512Mb Ram, 20gig HD and is running a clean install of W98 2nd edition and PHPTriad. It isn't the HD or box, both have been well tested with other things.


If anyone has any ideas on why it bombs out, I would be grateful to hear, or if anyone has any ideas on getting PHPTriad & OS Commerce running on a XP Pro box as a virtual server........please!


Apologies in advance if this is the wrong place to ask - if so, can someone point me in the right direction?





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The problem is that you're running it on a Win 98 box. They're not really made to be servers and Win 98 as a desktop OS is bad enough because of crashing. Using it as a server makes it even worse. XP is a bit better, but you'll still run into problems.


If you're *insisting* on using a MS server, go with Win2K, but be prepared to pay a hefty amount to get it going.


I personally run only UNIX, a redhat 7.2 package and haven't had a problem for 90+ days and counting without a reboot. A box that's been up for over a year without a reboot or crash is commonplace.


Moral of the story, you want a reliable server, go with linux.

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XP is a bit better, but you'll still run into problems.


People that know me will not believe me when I say this:


I have no problems running osCommerce under Apache with SSL/MySQL/PHP on my WinXP Laptop.


And Redhat Linux is bloated :-)


If it must be Linux I would prefer Debian and only Debian.


My .02 only

You can't have everything. That's why trains have difficulty crossing oceans, and hippos did not adapt to fly. -- from the OpenBSD mailinglist.

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I prefer redhat simply because of it's abilty to be updated more easily. Connect to the Redhat Network, update. Update, restart htppd and yuor done. Also it's RPM's are easier to use and install.


Never used any other unix flavors other than that and turbolinux. RH was leaps over turbolinux.

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I agree with Jan,


I have a system running XP with php, apache and mysql. It is totally stable, never crashed once.


I've now moved over to Linux, mainly to echo my live server setup, but also because using symlinks means I can have multiple test systems pulling in code from one central location. Not easy(probably impossible) todo with windows.

Trust me, I'm an Accountant.

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BTW given were arguing Win Vs Linux. Has anyone seen the latest quote from that pioneer of freedom Steve Ballmer.


To paraphrase.


Linux apps aren't any competition. There all poor quality and shareware.


Poor, poor misguided fool.

Trust me, I'm an Accountant.

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I agree with Jan and Ian,


I have a notebook running Win2KPro with php, apache and mysql that I cart around to various onsite jobs. Back in the studio I use it as my development server, it ensures that I am always working on the same files.


It is very stable and apart from the very odd error message when dealing with date formatting (non osc php I might add) there are no issues at all.


Before going live with a site it all goes on to a Linux box for final testing but there is generally bugger all that needs changing apart from the odd / here and there.

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If you're talking budget wise... we've had a pentium mx200 32mb running RH5.2 (only shell, no X and fancy stuff) that was up for 1,5 years without any problems, getting between 500 and 1000 mb traffic a day.


Now you probably wouldn't be able to run osC smoothly on that but it demonstrates what everybody (except Steve Ballmer) knows:

Linux works pretty damn good on older (=cost-effective) machines.


Personally I would'nt even consider running a production server on any Microsoft OS.


If I was the Free Software Figther Jan is I would format my XP laptop today just to make a point :)

"Politics is the art of preventing people from taking part in affairs which properly concern them"

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