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Attributes to product id's


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I don't know if this has been asked before since I am not sure what it would be called. I notice that on some ecommerce sites when you choose an attribute such as size it adds to the price or takes away from the price. I know OSC does this, but some sites also have a different product id for the product including the size.




Product ID 101 is for a Performance Jersey - Medium - Black

Product ID 102 is for a Performance Jersey - Large - Black

Product ID 103 is for a Performance Jersey - X-Large - Black

Product ID 104 is for a Performance Jersey - XX-Large - Black


Each of those product id's has a different price. In the store they only have the on item which is the Performance Jersey, but by default it is the Product ID 101 Performance Jersey - Medium - Black. The sizes are listed like the default OSC does in the drop down menu.


An example would be this link below. You will see only the one item listed, but when you click on the size notice the Product ID number changes so that each size of that Jersey has its own item number in the online catalog. Is there any contributions or way to make this work?

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Thanks...sound like what I need, but I have 1 question.



Say you sold Apples.


The code for your standard Apple is AP1

But you had a choice of colours and sizes for those apples, you can now have the following codes generated for each.

Green Apple: AP1/G


Red Apple: AP1/R


Apple Large: AP1/L


Apple Large Red: AP1/L-R


In the default OSC script when viewing an order you see the Model number which is like the item number for each item in the store. Will this contribution display the Model number like he has it above...AP1, AP1/G, AP1/R & etc?

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