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Moving shop to a new server. How?


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I'm planning on moving my site over to a new hosting company, but I'm a little unsure about the best wa to move the shop and all of it's content.


I make regular DB and file backups, but what's the best way to implement them?


I presume FTPing all of my files over once the shop is installed, then running a db restore?


would that work?



Thanks! :)

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The most important thing, I would think, is making sure you don't change DNS information until your site is up and running on your new server.


Once you've got your new account set up it should be fairly easy to just upload all the files and import your database onto the new server.


Remember, too, once you make the DNS change that for a little while you're going to have two identical public websites each with their own database, so make sure once the shift has been made completely that you check the old site for new orders.


And don't try to install any contributions halfway through. :)

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I am wanting to move a number of store to a new server also - did you have any luck with the advise that was given to you.



This is how I would go about it.



Backup your entire shop/s to your harddrive using FTP. Backup your database to your harddrive using OSCommerce or MySQL.


Organise your new host with the correct information in order to host your existing domain/s. Find out the nameserver information so as to be able to change the DNS info later on.


Upload your entire shop/s to the new host and upload a backup.sql file to the admin/backups folder.


Ensure all the correct read write options are sorted on the directories and files.


Create a new database on the new server using phpMyadmin, using the same name. Import your database and make sure the two you have match and that there were no errors in the import.


Create all the necessary email accounts on your new host to match those used in your store if needed.


Probably a good idea to do one shop at a time from here. At least do one and get it up and running properly


Make the necessary changes to both of your config files found in catlaog/includes and catalog/admin/includes. (the paths in these files will need to reflect the new server paths and the database name as they will be different. I actually think it is much easier and safer to do a fresh install of osCommerce ensuring that all paths are correct.)


So far you have the DB on the new site, the store in the correct folders, now it's time for you to point your domain name at the new host. You will need to log into your domain registry and change the nameservers to that of your new host. DNS updating can take 48 hours so over that time you may find that your store is sometimes showing your old site, sometimes your new area. Just accept that this is going to happen and it will take time.


If you have managed to set everything up correctly in your config files and your database etc, then your store should be fine but remember, any transactions done during this time will only be recorded in one database due to the DNS transfers. So a transaction done on the old DNS while you were asleep may not be seen when you wake up because the DB you are seeing is on the new DNS


Personally, I would put the site under maintenance mode during the transition. I think it is safer for both you and your customer. Better a sale lost through the site being under maintenance mode than through being lost in site moving. Just change the name of your index.php page to something else and put up a new index.php with "This shop is closed until (give a day two days from now) while we move to a new server. We apologize for any inconvenience and look forward to your return in the near future" on it.


Make sure you have the install folder so that when you are on the new site you can do a new install if needed. If your paths are incorrect in your config files then this is the fastest way I feel to get yourself back up running. Just go to your install directory and punch in the info and away you go


Once completed, lock down your config files and admin area, rename your install directory, confirm your permissions on your folders and files and change back to your index.


I would make a subtle change to your index.php page on your new site, that way you will know if all the DNS's have been updated.


Once you are happy that all DNS's are pointing to your nrew host then it's time to dismantle your old server. Back up all files on it before deleting everything and closing your account.



I hope this helps.

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