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The e-commerce.

700 products to add


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I look forward to the features as well / Importing


I've worked with many shopping carts like commerce.cgi, agora, phpshop, Miva merchant and they all had

some sort of export/import feature. I look forward to seeing a import feature. I have about 600-700 products

that I have to export from one cart to osCommerce.


What Will wrote the small script works great. Very plain and straight forward.

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i will be expanding my contribution <import wizard> greatly very soon. i finish my exams in 2 days, then i will finish coding it. Hopefully it turns out well.


everyone else (especially bdepew) -- be patient. dynamok has said he will post when it is finished. i trust that he will.

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that's sick dude, are u ok?? :shock:


thanks for sharing that experience, reminds me NOT to begin that way. I am looking at approx. 1200 products to import :?

'Time is a social construction to make the transitoriness manageable'

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but after we did an import I had to manually change every single product to their proper category and mod some other stuff as well, if wasn't fun at all. There were some other knots along the way and I became a data enty goon for a week or so - heh


oops, I referred to reap(didn't see the other 2 pages)...

'Time is a social construction to make the transitoriness manageable'

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I run osCommerce on a CD mailorder site, so when I first installed it I had about 3500 CD titles which all had to be added manually. What a joy that was....


Bah that sucks! :S

Whats the url of the site?

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Ref: Importing CSV using ASCII as Dividers


One thing I noticed and would like to have the

option is to import the file via "delaminated"

fields using ASCII characters like ? (Alt+157).


That might be an option already I have the

one that was in it's prime design mode and

not sure how the dlimination went.


One some products the descriptions are HTML.

I had MIVA merchant and it was a nightmare

to edit. I had to edit it very careful and

I had the "|" (Shift backslash) in order

to be able to divide them. I had the option

of exporting them by different character as well.


I think this is a huge improvement to Miva

and I mean big because now people can dump

other ecommerce db to text than to osCommerce.


The next thing would be is to hyperlink the

mySQL database to Win2K system from a Unix box

and import it to Ms Access (using myODBC) and

change pricing and other things via that than

going into the control panel and such.


Reminder to all please don't forget

to donate a buck or two to osCommerce.

Pretend that you are making a collect call...



From what I've seen this is even better than

RedHat's Interchange cart.

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I've been following the post, and I realized that no one has posted to this subject in a while? Is the import feature finished, or is it still being worked on? I can't wait to see it.



Chris Sullivan

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I am certainly looking forward to it being posted soon, I run a Trading Card Store and want to use OSC for my store front and am looking at adding in over 50,000+ cards..... Really don't want to spend the next decade trying to get ready to sell stuff online. :D

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I think I answered enough times! My first post was on October 15th, so it hasn't been a month.

It will be posted this week, it's finished, tested, works perfectly. But we need to retrace the steps and put it all together.

We don't get paid for this so this is not our #1 priority.

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Ok guys (speacially all those who couldn't wait)!


I just uploaded the module, here is the link:



If someone is not sure what this is read the description or this topic:



Ok. Let me know how it works out.

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