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This is a thread I found from another person that was scammed by jensleypay.com


STAY AWAY from this company. I have an unpleasent experience with them so i advise you all to stay away.


I have started using them fouled by their website information. All seemed to be great until, after 1 week of selling, i start asking about the withdraw conditions (which are NOT presented and fully explained not even in their User Agreement where its only saying that JP can make additional inqueries for the suspicious sales and under this sentence, they can do whatever they want in term of withdrawing conditions imposed to merchants !!). Then the first strike came. They issued a 45 days settlemnt period before they money are releaased and 20% are hold for another 60 days as a reserve fund. The reason was that i sold digital products and that is considered high risk.


I was furious about that and i have emailed them and requested for a lower settlement and reserve. After harsh replies, they indeed lowered the terms to 30 days and 10%. I agreed to that but i have stopped selling using them as processor from that day on.


After 30 days another strike ! When i requested the money, respecting THEIR terms, they refused saying that i am suspicious of fraud because i have sold for 7 days and then stopped. Again, furious i have emailed them explaining what happened 1 month before. And then, they said that they will release me my money only if i will close my account. I have gladly done that, but then, Strike 3. They closed my account saying that they will release me the money after 180 days as stated into their agreement. Of course they havent said anything about that when they first advice me about closing my account.

This time i have threaten with file complaints against them at the UK authorities. Which i did.

Seeing that, they reinstated my account and also allow me to withdraw the money. However, 7 days are gone since my Bank Withdraw request and the status is still pending. So i'm not fully convinced they will finally sent me the money.


Untill this minute i havent recieved a penny from them even if i have sold at the begining of April and now its almost June.


And i have forgot to mention, i am BCH verified (bank, card, postal address) and my sales havent recieved any chargeback or complaint.


So if you dont want to BEG FOR YOUR MONEY, then STAY AWAY. There are a LOT of better alternatives out there. Try Stormpay or Paysat if you want to sell digital products. For physical one, the offer is even better: 2checkout, ccnow, ccavenue.


Currently i am using Stormpay which only has a 5 days settlement for unverified users. The minus at stormpay is that they only issue checks or Direct Deposits (US only). They dont have Wire Transfer (that was the reasont i have signed up with Jensleypay in the begining) but they said in their last newsletter that they will make available, to verified users, Stormpay Debit Cards.


Once again STAY AWAY FROM JENSLEYPAY !! They suck, they have the worst comercial conditions (which of course are not specified on their homepage but hidden under complicated sentences in their user agreement) and they do not honor their obligations.


I will wait for a few days myself and i will contact an UK solicitor on this matter if they will not release me the money.


Maybe they are small and they dont have the money they need to send me (about 600 USD) and they wait for new funds, but i dont care. I will initiate a law suit if the situation will not change soon.

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