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The e-commerce.

My next big task..


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How difficult is it?


What I want to do is move the store off of the sub directory onto the root


EX: www.mydomain.com/catalog to......



EX: www.mydomain.com



What I was guessing.. I would be able to move the catalog directory over to the root directory and it should work just fine correct? I have been looking for information on this however to no avail I have not found any.


Obvoiusly, there needs to be a backup done first before anything else. What I'm wanting to do is have it so the store appears as soon as the visitor enters the domain - www.mydomain.com


Thanks in advance for any help as it is greatly appreciated!

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theoretically you would need to change the 2 configure.php files to point to the right path. Now depends what contributions you also have. With some seo for instance you may have to modify your .htaccess files. Other modules, setup paths through admin options so you need to check those too.

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Not too hard but you have to remember to do a redirect permanent in your htaccess file for the search engines. Oh yes there are some threads on this topic. I think there is even a way of rewriting the urls to pretend that you have moved it.

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