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Would like to offer customers to input their own UPS acct # for shipping


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is there no way for a customer to input his or her own UPS acct #?




You couldn't put it in checkout without a lot of work (and even then I'm not sure if it wouldn't require a rewrite of the UPS module) BUT you could collect it on signup or via a text field in the product display and then hand do the shipping.


That would require notification for all involved but might work?



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How about a custom text on the shipping rates page of checkout, telling the customer to add their UPS account info in the comments box, with a special zone or table rate for free shipping, but named as "Customer's courier to collect"?


Wouldn't that effectively do the same thing, but in a more structured and formal method? (i.e. one that shows up on the invoice and states what the customer has selected to do ;) thus preventing arguments later).



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Actually, there is already a contribution "Bill Recipient/Third Party Account" made for this purposes. The only thing that is missing is that it doesn't provide an input field to enter the account # when selected. I'm looking for a way to add a new input field when this shipping method is selected and make it required. Can somebody help?


Thank you.

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