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Shipping Problems


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Hi guys


I'm looking for help in translating our company's complicated shipping structure into an ecommerce system. I've tried virtually all the shopping carts/systems I can lay my hands on and none of them seem able to handle it - but osCommerce looks like it might if I can figure it out. Any help would be much appreciated. Our shipping tarrifs work out like this:


ORDER VALUE: United Kingdom : Europe : Rest of World


CD's only - ?1.00 per item : As below : As below


Under ?10 - ?1.50 : ?3 : ?5


?10 - ?30 - ?3 : ?6 : ?10


Over ?30 - ?5: ?12 : ?20


It's fairly contrived! The cd's only tarriffs are for orders that consist of CDs only. If there is a mixture of cd's and other things, the order-value based tarriffs apply. Also is there a way to specify whether to charge tax on individual products? i.e. we sell books which are VAT free in the UK.


Please help! Thanks very much


Evan Brown

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but they might be in some far flung corner of the world that is fast asleep at the moment :D


The simple answer is yes this is possible. You need to look at the table and zone rate shipping modules as a starting point.


To test the CD situation I'd suggest setting all of your product weights to 1 and the weight of cd's to zero. So if cart total weight is zero it's all cd's.


If your not savvy with php then I would suggest finding some one who is to program it for you.


N.B. I'm too busy. :( or :D depending on your point of view.

Trust me, I'm an Accountant.

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Thanks for your help, Ian. I'm a reasonable PHP coder but don't want to mess this up and was wondering if anyone else had a tried and tested way of doing it.



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There was a thread some time ago about setting a catch all country to zones.php


One of the shortcomings is that for each zone you have to define all countries.


So in your case you would have


Zone1 = UK

Zone2 = France Germany Holland etc.etc

Zone3 = Horribly long list consisting of every other country in the world.


The idea behind the thread was that you would only have to define zone 1 and 2 and zone 3 would automatically charge for rest of world.


It was a few weeks ago, but you should be able to find it using search.

Trust me, I'm an Accountant.

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