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checkout_shipping.php looping


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When a customer tries to purchase some products (not all products are affected) they are getting looped back to checkout_shipping.php instead of getting to checkout_payment.php. The owner of the site does not have any shipping modules installed and all weights of his products are set to zero.


I thought there was a problem with the way he had used the html in the products description field, however deleting the text in that field did not fix the problem.


I have also tried commenting out the code in the checkout_payment.php file that redirects back to checkout_shipping.php with no success.


I can not figure out why this is happening for some products but not all. If a shopping cart contains one of the problem products and products that I've verified go through fine on their own, the loop will happen until I delete the 'problem' products.


Any guidance or assistance would be greatly appreciated!!!!


Much thanks,

Ash :)

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Well, I figured out a solution. I kept wondering if part of the problem was due to there being no shipping module installed. I didn't want to add one since I assumed the site's owner had set it up that way for a reason. Well, in my frustration I went with my original idea and installed the flat rate shipping module, disabled it by selecting False for the do I want to use this module question (Admin area Shipping Module Edit screen) and now everything is working fine for all products.


It is still really odd that before the module installation that some products were able to go through to payment without any issues....I guess I'll never know why.


Anyway, I thought I would post what worked for my situation since there seems to be no solutions on the forum for this problem (which has been mentioned quite a bit on here).


Hope it helps.


Ash :)

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