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The e-commerce.

help blank pages


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this happened just after my host restarted the server beforehand it had just started working after needing fixed after a mysql5 upograde.


nothing jumping out at me in a quick check through the language files although i havent checked them all or thouroughly. as i said it worked until my host restarted the server...

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Sounds like the database upgrade is the cause of the problem then. Download the latest version of OSC and consult update-20060817.txt contained in the zip. Down at the bottom are some fixes to apply to some of your store queries that are due to MySQL 5 running in STRICT mode.

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This is a bug in php4.4.5


Has been corrected in the CVS




The upgrade from PHP 4.4.4 to 4.4.5 caused a Segmentation Fault on a

client's osCommerce site. I've tracked the problem down to a

session_register function call on a undeclared variable.


Reproduce code:




// Uncomment the following line to prevent the Segmentation Fault

//$myvar = 1;



echo "Hello World";



Expected result:


Hello World and no "Segmentation Fault" in Apache's error log:


[sat Feb 17 21:14:16 2007] [notice] child pid 20549 exit signal

Segmentation fault (11)


Actual result:


0x080dbbc2 in php_add_session_var (name=0x850b75c "myvar", namelen=5)

at /usr/src/apache-php/build/php-4.4.5/ext/session/session.c:287

287 if ((Z_TYPE_PP(sym_global) == IS_ARRAY &&

Z_ARRVAL_PP(sym_global) == &EG(symbol_table)) || *sym_global ==

PS(http_session_vars)) {

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doesnt work



A few options:


oscommerce changes the script to get around this.


Update to php4 dev version if you have root access to the server


If your host has php4 and php5 installed, use .htaccess to force the use of php5 (verified this to work)


My fix was to recompile the latest dev 4.4.6rc2 dev

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i do not have root acess.


i think my host is planning an upgrade to php5 next week, how would i modify .htaccess so and would cpanel argue wih me about it? also, would i have to edit the .htaccess in every folder or just the one in public_html/ ?

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