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The e-commerce.

Why osCommerce?


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Hello everyone,


I am considering osCommerce as a solution to my need for an online Shopping Cart software, along with a few other providers. To this end, I have a few questions.


As a bit of background information as to where I am coming from, I am moderately familiar with PHP and SQL, and have worked with other software packages using these combined technologies in the past, such as phpBB and MKPortal. However, I am not a know-it-all, and I tend to have to see at least see one clear example of each step necessary in order to accomplish things such as intallation and customization; sometimes I need more than one example :rolleyes:


So, now for my questions...


1) How easy is osCommerce to:

a) Install

B) Customize

c) Administer

d) Use (from an end-user's perspective)


2) How secure is osCommerce?

a) Are updates/patches made available frequently?

B) How common are successful hack attempts?


3) How much support is offered? Do most people find the following to be very useful?

a) Forums

B) FAQ/Documentation

c) Any documentation or help files embedded in the software.


Thank you in advance for taking the time to answer these questions. I sincerely appreciate it.

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1) How easy is osCommerce to:

a) it's very easy to install, you just import sql data and modify 2 files

B) easy to customize, because there is no complicated template system just normal combination of php and html

c) as admin you have quite good view of what's going on the site with adding/editing categories, product, checking users and orders...

d) you can buy something with only few clicks and few words imputed, it can't get easier than this..


2) I think it's secure enough, I had no problems at all

a) well not so often as for other opensource stuff, but this just proves that oscommerce is strong and it doesn't needs updated every week..

B) I don't have any info about this, but if somebody is decided and has knowledge, it will hack into anything, so nothing is 100% secure...


3) How much support is offered? Do most people find the followig to be very useful?

a) forum is well organized so that you can get as much info and help as possible

B) well the truth is that I never checked it so I have no idea

c) there is some...

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osCommerce is awesome. There is no other open source solution with so much flexibility or power in terms of adding new features if your site needs it. As any open source solution it doesn't solve EVERYTHING---so in that case the only solution that can beat this is a custom ecommerce solution which of course would cost a lot more money and take more time to develop. The community here is really helpful --even when people like myself ask dumb questions we usually get a good link to go :)


The other two I can think of you could check out are Zen Cart and Cube Cart.



also if you have fantastico through a host such as hostgator.com then it can be installed in a few clicks :)

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I like the fact that I can do this myself and not have to buy someone elses package.


I can customize this as far as I want and to exceed my expectations. Tailored to my Business.


The forum is a global one. You will get a response.


Owning a Mac and using Open Source applications ( like osCommerce) is Kinda like sticking it to the 'Man' for not buying something pre-packaged.


Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge. Know what I mean, know what I mean?

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