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UPS Shipping Module Install - PLEASE HELP!!!


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Hi Guys,


I’m new to osCommerce. I’m currently putting together my site to sell some products online so I need some help with the shipping module


By the way, I would like to take the opportunity to thank the developers of osCOmmerce for creating this wonderful open source software and also thank the people of this forum for taking time out of their busy schedule to share valuable information with other osCommerce users…Thank you!!!


OK, I need some feedback with the following items:


1. UPS is not an option in my shipping module. I read somewhere here that it was not included in the latest version of osCommerce because some kind of conflicts with UPS guidelines and apparently I can install the UPS module from the contribution page but my confusion is that I’m not quite sure what option to use since there are so many different options there for UPS shipping:

UPS Choice

UPS XML Rates and Services v1.0

UPS shipping module update

USPS Methods

UPS Worldship Integration

UPS with insurance & bug fix



From what I can see, I should install the “UPS Choice” to get the UPS option into my admin site and then use the other UPS “add-ons” as needed. Is this correct? If not, Can someone please tell me what do I need to do in order to integrate the UPS module in my site? THANKS!!!



2. Can I include in site another shipping option such as DHL or any other company?


3. I’m going to advertise my site in one particular country overseas. I have found product manufacturers and wholesale distributors in that country so I can get the products from them and deliver the products locally to my customers in that country. This is perfect because I can sell from USA and I don’t have to deal with shipping the products from here to overseas. It will save me time and headaches.


Now, the part I’m not quite sure how to handle is the shipping part. By the way, I can use UPS among other shipping companies in that country but I do not know if I can “mix” things with shipping as I will be selling products also in USA.


In other words, if I integrate UPS shipping in my site, is it going to be intelligent enough to handle shipping within the USA and also shipping for this country overseas? OR Do I need to have two different UPS shipping modules: one to handle shipping in USA and other to one to handle shipping in country overseas?


Again, the idea is that when people order products in the overseas country, I want UPS to handle the delivery locally in that county as the products are going to be sent from distributors residing in that country. I don’t want confusion with the shipping as I won’t be sending anything from here in order to save some money


Is there anybody out there already doing this? If so, can you please share some info with me?


Your feedback would be greatly appreciated



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