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Easy Populate tweak needed


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I have managed to get the export Utility up in the config screen and can download some options in EP in .xls format.

The message I get when I try and download the full EP range is this:


1054 - Unknown column 'p.products_price1_qty' in 'field list'


SELECT p.products_id as v_products_id, p.products_model as v_products_model, p.products_image as v_products_image, p.products_price as v_products_price, p.products_price1_qty as v_products_price1_qty, p.products_price1 as v_products_price1, p.products_price2_qty as v_products_price2_qty, p.products_price2 as v_products_price2, p.products_price3_qty as v_products_price3_qty, p.products_price3 as v_products_price3, p.products_price4_qty as v_products_price4_qty, p.products_price4 as v_products_price4, p.products_price5_qty as v_products_price5_qty, p.products_price5 as v_products_price5, p.products_price6_qty as v_products_price6_qty, p.products_price6 as v_products_price6, p.products_price7_qty as v_products_price7_qty, p.products_price7 as v_products_price7, p.products_price8_qty as v_products_price8_qty, p.products_price8 as v_products_price8, p.products_qty_blocks as v_products_qty_blocks, p.products_weight as v_products_weight, p.products_date_available as v_date_avail, p.products_date_added as v_date_added, p.products_tax_class_id as v_tax_class_id, p.products_quantity as v_products_quantity, p.manufacturers_id as v_manufacturers_id, subc.categories_id as v_categories_id, p.products_status as v_status FROM products as p, categories as subc, products_to_categories as ptoc WHERE p.products_id = ptoc.products_id AND ptoc.categories_id = subc.categories_id





Any ideas where I might be going wrong. I have placed and amended all the correct files in .php and the catalog/temp folder is there. I have placed a model No. in the products which at present are only about 120 items but will be many more when population is complete

Perhaps there is some naming convention possibly that I am doing wrong or file heading in SQL maybe.

Help bit stressed now as I have been trying for weeks and I have come this far and could do with that last push to get me over the finish line...!



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