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Little Help With Individual Page Content?


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I've got a few contributions installed, no problems. I've also picked up a dressed up version of oscommerce that is not the plain jane version. There are a few links on the left side labled "shipping, Privacy Notice, Conditions of Use, and Contact Us"


Previously I muddled through and found which pages I had to make the html content on so it would display. I made a small change on the pages so I could find them again. Well, I got sidetracked and a month later I pulled up the page with the changes (yea, I thought I was so smart) and when I make the content changes to put my FAQ info it goes HAYWIRE!


Is there a trick to adding html here? I'm not looking for something that will knock the socks off, but I also don't want it to look like an 8 yr old designed it either :) (no offense to any chronologically challenged in the crowd) :-"


Anyway, I'm sure someone's run into this issue before, and I would appreciate a little help if someone could lend some my way...


Thx :)

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Ok. There's 2 easy ways to find out where you will be adding text.


You could do a search in your catalog (on your desktop) for a specific group of text on the current shipping pages and then make the changes.


OR go into a language folder (/catalog/includes/languages/klingon/shipping.php


I found that using the first method is great to learn the heirarchy and layout of this powerful tool.


If you have not made too many changes, you could upload the update or another copy to overcome your "FAQ info it goes HAYWIRE" issue.

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