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Commission / Affiliate Request


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Can anyone make a mod that is something like this.


The mod would give each member a referral url and a referral code. It can be linked from their site and let the person surf the site and if they buy something within 3 hours of the link or some amount of time the referrer's account on the site would be credited with X% commission on the sale.


I would also like the codes to be manualy put in if necissary for people without sites.


Then, I would like everyones account to be able to hold a balance which can be used at checkout.


Is this possible. If you can make it or need more info post or AIM MattMan717 or e-mail ace21gabriel@yahoo.com


Thanks and have a great day!

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I agree with you Ace,


Once a member signs up he should receive a ref url, maybe in a seperate Referral page, with the possibility of getting banners, icons and other goodies to promote a site...


Ref points should be awarded as a percentage (%) of the value purchased by those referred to the site, maybe have a multi-tier level referral if possible.

Ref points should have a value that can be set, ie XXXX.XX points equals $XX.XX, ie member John Doe has 2000 points, for which he can get a discount of X200.00 / X20.00 / X2.00...


Module should email the referrer and notify them that a new referral has signed up, but only give the referred persons name, not any other details... (this would keep people advertising your site, and not spamming those they refer). The module should also email the referrer every time someone they referred purchases something(only when transaction completed / also only then add the points to the referrals totals) and mention their points total(maybe a list of things they can purchase with those points), their referral link as well as maybe the ref banners,icons in order for them to be reminded of it.... Also, maybe make it easy to add points into newsletters for every member, so they can see their availably points.


New member must only be accepted if new member details is different from the referrals, ie Adress checking, otherwise people would try and take advantage of this... (Security)


Referral page should also show a list of members referred, points received from them, as well as a totals page for points received, and amount of points spent on last 5 products purchased with points... Should also show a listing of products which can be purchased at no cost with available points, as well as teasers of a few products that they can purchase for relatively low cost with their points...


In checkout page, it should give the member an option to use/not to use points if any is available... If member wanted to save points up until X-mas for instance.



I have done searches for referral contribs, but all of them are either ages old, or are major headaches... If someone would take up the task and make a spanking new referral contrib with all those features, I think we would have a winner...

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You could customize the osc affiliate for this and maybe get parts of the points & rewards module.



This is a great suggestion... is there anyone that can make this.. i would love to try this. :)

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