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The e-commerce.

Help Plz!! root dir problem


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I have an existing osc database and my osc store is in a directory named /online_store/

I'm trying to move the osc database and directory contents to my ROOT dir.


However, when I move directory and all its content everything seems to function fine

but the products don't appeare, it's just a blank page. I can view the products in my Admin

area so I know it's there.


I think the problem my lie in my configure.php files. If anyone has in countered this

problem before. Please share your knowledge. It would be very Helpful and Appreceated!!!!



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Go through your configure.php files and make sure you took out all the instances of "online_store". If that doesn't work post your configure.php file without the Data Base information at the bottom.

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Hi, Peter


After some careful studying, I realized my eazy_new_fields mod was the problem!

I have close to 1500 products listed with 45 to 50 different mfgs pages. I now have

to remove all traces of online-store from each page.


I've encountered two small issue with my new template. Each

one of my Infoboxes in includes/boxes has the same background

made from simple image that is split into three smaller images


I named them infobox_header, infobox_body, infobox_footer.


I'd like to define them individualy in the stylesheet.css file. I'm getting

repeating images in other boxes. Example of the problem at the bottom

of the page below.




I'd value any pointers you could provide on cleaning up the code so it runs seamless!


Kindest Regards,




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