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The e-commerce.

When tried to login after a long ideal time, the page simply refreshes


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When i leave the oscommerce page ideal for some time say around 10-20mins and when tried to login then the login page simple refreshes , wont login...


if i refresh and then enter password and login then i am able to enter....


I know its somthing to do with sessions. but its annoying for customers who tries to login but has to do that twice...


is there a way this can be avoided...may be change some settings in admin/sessions?


please help


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ok i just tested now, i left the oscommerce in my computer without doing anything for 30mins and then tried to login it just wont let me login, it refreshes back to the page again.... but when i literally click on refresh button on internet explorer and then typed the login in details , i got it...



is there anyway i can solve this??


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It looks like there's more than one of us - I'm having the same problem - BUT, it was working as of yesterday.


I've disabled & renabled login, restarted the server & mySQL, even tested on another machine that I had never pulled the site up on. I just get a refresh of the main admin page (blue screen w/ icons)


Is this some type of a hacker problem?


The front end of the site is working ok.


And, as said... any ideas? I've got a client chomping at the bit to get some work done.





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