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Products options pricing not working correctly, pricing reversed for product options.


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I want to add on product options that add additional pricing to the total cost of the product in my store. However, in the admin panel under the products/catagories section, if i edit an item and put in a positive price adjustment for the products options, the actual live store treats it as a - sign and subtracts that amount from the product total. If i put in a negative sign the live store treats it as a + sign and adds the amount to the product total. Now I could actually deal with this if the live store still showed a + sign, even though I had to enter in a - sign in the admin panel. But it doesn't.


My product options look like this ($-2.95) but add a positive 2.95 to the total. I don't want angry or ill informed customers. I know there is an area in some php code somewhere that I can change to adjust this, I just have no idea where. If someone could point me in that direct and give me some information on what to change that would be helpful. I know a lot of people on here want to just have an easy answer and just tell you what to change, but I'd like to learn. So if you tell me the answer could you please tell me why that is being changed.


Awesome, thank you so much.

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