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Buying "on account"


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Hi guys,


Is there a way that a customer can simply place an order without checking out via credit card/paypal etc?


The reason I ask is I want to be able to create customer accounts. These customers pay every 30 days or so with one single cheque/bank transfer so they don't really want to be going to the checkout section.


I don't want all users to the site to be able to buy on account, just ones that I have specifically marked as account customers. I think that a little tick box on the "customers" page should do the trick.


Is there a contribution that does this? I have taken a quick look but can't seem to find anything.


Thanks for any help.



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Well you can set up a payment moudle that use cheque and their is bank transfer moudles as well so that resolves the first part of your problem,


the 2nd part might be able to reslove by using a Price Per Customer ConTab heres an example one



I havent used one of these before so i am not sure if you get to set payment options Per Customer but at worst someone maybe able to help you splice the two together


I hope that helps some way and perhaps their is an easyer way if someone know perhaps they can share

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Thanks for your help guys.


In fact I discovered a good little contribution call "purchase order" which will do the job nicely for now.



hey chris; which one are you using? how is it working? I am looking for one also.



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