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credit cards payment, how can i make it work ?


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i enabled the credit card payment option and opened paypal business account,

but when user choose credit card method and insert all requested information

it dose not bring him to check out with paypal, it just bring him to the page that

confirms order and send me the order process email with the information of the order but no

payment in my PP account.

do i have to install something to get the payment ??? what do i have to do to make it

work ?

(p.s: i have no problems with getting paypal payments).

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errr....... isn't there a Paypal payment option already installed straight out of the box? I don't remember installing a mod for it on mine, yet it's there ready to be enabled. (Please note: I may be wrong, it has been known!)



As was said above, disable the CC module and enable the Paypal module (if I haven't imagined it), or the contribution above which looks quite nice.

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So does this contribution keep the customer on your site throughout the entire process?


Or do they get sent to PayPal then returned to your site at some point?

The one above sends customers off to the PayPal website. It fixed the problem with the stock Paypal module of customers not returning to the store which meant an order was never created. Meaning you got the money but has no record of what was ordered.


There are Paypal contributions which keep the customer on your store throughout the entire process and process the card "behind the scenes". This is one of them:



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