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Removing all shipping from my OSCommerce site


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I am stting up an OSCommerce site but I do not need to ship anything.

How can I easily remove all of the shipping from the site?


right now i have a stock osc site.


any help would be appriciated.


I've never tried this but it might work.


I know if you turn off all available shipping modules it lets you continue past that page onto payment without selecting an option. What you could try is in your /includes/filenames.php change the one that is 'FILENAME_CHECKOUT_SHIPPING' from checkout_shipping.php to checkout_payment.php. This might set you into a continuous loop because it doesn't have information that it needs from the shipping page, or it might just work that easily. If it does try to redirect back to the real shipping information page you would have to alter your checkout payment page to automatically define the shipping when it is loaded or you can disable all the checks for shipping options if there are any (like I said, I've never tried to remove shipping options, but I do know if you don't have any options it will let you continue without choosing one.)


Now that I've written all of that I think it might have been the payment options that can be skipped if none are available, but I'd still give it a try.

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