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Cube Cart postage setup to OSC postage, and downloads postage to zero?


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Hey there,


I'm converting a Cube Cart shop to OSC and it's going swimmingly. It's my first OSC shop and i've been liking it more than Cubecart, but sorta stuck on this and postage for digital downloads. I've been looking thru the help etc and forum but can't find anything that helps me exactly so i'm hoping for a little direct help


It's a Australian store selling books and DVD's etc locally and overseas. We've worked out the postage and am happy with the pricing and would really like to duplicate it in OSC. But there's seems to be a difference in how postage is set in CubeCart compared to OSC.


In Cube cart you set the Postage in the categories level. So the store is arranged with DVD's and books arranged in different categories and postage set to account for the weight difference (dvds 120gms, books ~1kg) So it's sort of flat rate postage, items up to 500gms go into a $4 postbag, and items up to 3kg in a $10 postbag (Australia Post). Anything over 3kg is broken up into multiple bags. Then some handling charges etc. Overseas have a more expensive version of the weight limited post bags. The client is happy with this, ie doesn't want to change and would be grumpy at me if he had to, he's got a whole pile of these post bags he's bought ;)


Here's how the categories are setup in Cube Cart (DVD's)

Per Shipment: $6

Per item: $1

Per International Shipment: $6

Per International Item: $3



Per Shipment: $4

Per item: $5

Per International Shipment: $7

Per International Item: $24


Any chance of setting something similar in OSC?


I've also got some digital downloads (pdf's) which i've worked out with help from FAQs but shipping keeps getting added. The FAQ doesn't describe how to turn shipping charges off for just downloads.


I'd be grateful for any help as i'm still trying to wrap my head around the differences between OSC and CubeCart so if i'm missing anything obvious i apologise




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