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The e-commerce.

Moving/Copying an Installation


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Here's my dilemma...


I have a client with an existing website and Miva shopping cart hosted with Earthlink. They want to switch osCommerce. great! I can setup their website on the new server, but...


I can't use php without first changing the DNS to point to the new server (php needs a fully qualified domain to work). That means I can't even setup osCommerce. So here's my question...


How difficult would it be to setup osCommerce on one domain, test it, get it working properly and then switch the entire installation to another domain (on the same server)? I know how to move the files and the MySQL databases, but I assume there other changes that would need to be made in order for it to work with the new domain. Anyone know what those changes are and how to make them? please?


- nassoit

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I think you should keep the configuret store files then you move them to the new domain and add the Install folder. Then you run the installation. Of course you make a DB backup usint the admin tool. And when everything is done just restore the DB. If I understand your request right that is the way :) If not.. sorry fella... can't help :) Good Luck

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