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The e-commerce.

using oscommerce to sell webspace


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not really a vague question.


i want my whole website to be mine, the only thing i want the cart for is to sell two plans for webspace, and that's IT.


i don't want the extended cart, or anything else, just those two plans, and dat's all. nada more. dat's it.


so any idea how i'd go about it?

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lol, you make it sound like it's easy to customize snapshot.


I don't know what you ar expecting but, no one is going to spoon feed you here. You need to do some reading and then install the cart. If you have questions or problems then you post here.


Most anything you want to do can be done from the backend Admin which is simple to fill in with your info, products, etc.

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I didn't ASK anyone to spoon feed me.


For your info, i spent weeks learning how to customize snapshot. I only posted this here because I wondered if there was a way to bypass the other pages I would not need, or something i could do to cut it down somewhat.


I HAVE to ask, since snapshot isn't the easiest when it comes to finding what you need to customize.


As for your snoody comment, i'm entitled to my ingorant comments, just the same as you are obviously entittled to your own.


hau ab

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