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Advise Needed


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Hi Everyone,


I am new to this forum and oscommerce... and PHP...


I have successfully installed oscommerce on our website however I do have a problem.


As the site I have is a charity animal rescue site we are quite happy for the time being to keep the out of the box laout for oscommerce as our priority is to raise funds for the shelter not necessarily how it looks at present. However we do obviously want to change the landing page so that it doesn't have the text about error messages, etc. I can change layout at a later time when I a) have the time B) have learnt more about dealing with PHP.



What is the best way for someone like me to remove the existing text and add in a couple of very short paragraphs welcoming users to the site? I have attempted a few times to edit the files and get so far before stuffing up the code as I am obviously removing something the file needs.


I have trawled the forums for a few days and can't find anything which directly relates to what I am trying to do. STS has been mentioned in a number of posts but I don't have the time at the moment to go down the route of doing a custom design and to be honest I don't want to at this time... all I want to do is change the landing page (index)


Can anyone help me? offer some sample code I can copy or just advice on method?


We need to get this up and running as soon as we can to get some monies in for the shelter as funds are getting low.


Thanks in advance for any help you can offer...


Best Wishes



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The file you need to edit is includea/languages/english/index.php. In that file, find the line that starts with define('TEXT_MAIN',. It is followed by the text you now have on the home page. It will start with an apostrophe and end with a ');. You can change anything inbetween those apostrophe's, but you can't remove them. Also, any text that you entered that contains an apostrophe must be preceeded by a \. So if you type what's, it has to be written as what\'s.



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