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Forgetting username. Big problem


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Hello all.


I have my shop nearly ready but I have a problem that don't let it me finish. When I log on, it gives me no problems. I can surf through all my shoppe, and my username keeps there. The problem is, that when I visit another webpage in the same browser, and then I go back to my shoppe, the computer has forgot the username.


This is causing me a major problem because of the following: When I do an order and I decide to pay with credit card, the shoppe sends me to a bank webpage to do they payment. I can do the payment with no problem, but then, when adressed back to my shoppe so it should clear my shopping back, it doesn't, cause I 'm not logged on again.


can anyone help me to solve this issue?


Thank you very much.

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noone has any idea of what it could be? :(

Do you have the osCsid value in your url when you're clicking between all of your store pages? If you have cookies disabled, so that it doesn't store that sid value on your machine anywhere, and you're just propagating the sid value between urls on your store, and you leave the site and go back without a sid still in the url, this could be why your session is disappearing... Additionally, this would happen when going to check out at a 3rd party site, unless it sends the sid value along with the customer to the 3rd party, and the 3rd party is set to send it back in the url when returning them to the store...



Richard Lindsey

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