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Shop by vehicle / application


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My catalog currently has about 10,000 products online..


I would like to be able to have a pulldown (like many websites do) that allows a customer to choose their type of vehicle.. Then filter the results for their visit to products that pertain to that vehicle.


Since I am using EP to keep my products up to date I am not worried about having to go back and add fields to the products to aid in the filtering.. But I just cannot seem to find any information on doing this.


Any help would be much appreciated!



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I'm interested, too. Those links may show how to further classify items, but how do you make only certain classifications show up?


In the orignal question, it was mentioned that there are like 10,000 items and the need is to shop by vehicle / application. So, how could you filter out results (like the manufacter box, for example) to show only certain makes of vehicles after those makes have all been classified on the product descriptions? How about if you wanted to filter by make AND model?


Anyone have any ideas?

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You need additional tables that'll store the vehicle information. Then you write new search routines and present those results for your customers.


I've done it. It isn't easy. More of a pita than it's worth but it works well when it's running.

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