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send email at checkout time out my payment script!! HELP!!


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Hi there,


I don't really know what to do.

I'm at the best web hosting company, my website is super fast, everything works just fine but there's 1 problem that bothers me...


During checkout, when clicking on the "Confirm Order" button at the Confirmation page of the checkout, the system sends a order confirmation email to the customer (and to me) and then load the check_success.php page but also send out the script for the payment to my merchant account (authorize.net).


Anyways, as I said, my website is very fast, no problem, but during this process, it takes over 30 seconds to get to checkout_success.php.

Of course I wouldn't care too much if my merchant account script would not time out after 30 seconds... But that was it does!!!!

With Authorize.Net, the script will timeout after 30 seconds after what it will display an error message to the customer.


Even though the transaction always goes through (payment is made and order is recorded in the system, i.e. admin), the error message is not cool and it makes my customer a bit frustrated not really knowing what just happened, then they call me, etc...


Since I noticed that sending an email via the admin takes a while to get the confirmation and also having the same issue after creating an account (because it sends a welcome email to customer), I have the VERY STRONG FEELING that all this slowness/problem is caused by the emails sent to customer (and to me when order is placed).


Is there any contribution somewhere that will actually use a different way to send the email (this current script is either not good, efficient, or something...) or is there a simple solution to this problem?

Did anyone of you ever encounter this type of issue...


Please let me know and any help/advice/contrib# would be EXTREMMELY appreciated.





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