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Boy, am I making a mess of this!


I made a back up earlier today. Then I tried to remove the default text on the new store main catalog page by editing the language/english/index.php as the default text had instructed. The removal of the text worked but the info boxes that were on the right hand side have all moved to the left. So I tried to restore the back up I made earlier but nothing has changed. I assumed it would take me back to how it was when I made the back up. After all, isn't that the reason for backing up? (There is a green box at the top of the back up manager page telling me my restore was successful)


Could anyone help me either with moving the info boxes back to the right-hand side where they should be, or help me to understand the back up system!







'nostalgic-prints.com/catalog' if that helps...

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As the heading clearly says in Admin > Tools:


Database Backup Manager


This tool backs up your *database* - not your files. If you make changes to your files and have not made a backup of them then you have to hope your changes are still in the undo buffer (start hitting Ctrl Z :-)


To move the boxes back to the right hand column - grab a fresh copy of /includes/column_right.php and copy and paste the code you need.

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